The OSC TestLab team sat down with LockDocs’ CEO & Co-Founder Anne Marie Stetler to talk innovation, efficiency, and how LockDocs is poised to disrupt the status quo. Click the button to the right to check out the full interview, courtesy of the Innovators of TestLab series - sharing the stories behind the innovative solutions being tested with OSC TestLab.

The client data platform for frictionless investing

LockDocs is built around one simple idea: financial services providers and their clients deserve a frictionless experience without compromise.

With LockDocs, financial providers can speed up and simplify client onboarding while giving their clients the peace of mind that only comes from data transparency. LockDocs puts digital identity data into the hands of the identity owner.

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Financial service providers know that the privacy of their clients' identity data is paramount - but why should data privacy come at the expense of reusability?


The LockDocs solution places the identity owner at the forefront - no data can be shared without explicit consent. Data is entered once and can be effortlessly shared and updated across service providers with a single click.

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The LockDocs model reimagines the way that financial institutions and their clients complete and sign important financial documents.


LockDocs is built with the needs of service providers and their clients at its core - chock full of the smart features you need without compromising ease of use. The result? Increased data accuracy, privacy, security, and traceability - and a frictionless client experience.

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With "Secure by Design" systems architecture and an end-to-end encryption compatible framework, LockDocs minimizes security risk without sacrificing user experience.


Identity data is encrypted on the user's endpoint prior to transmission and securely stored in an encrypted, cloud-based vault while at rest; users can rest assured that their data is always safe and secure.

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An Introduction to the LockDocs Platform
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LockDocs is the client data platform for frictionless investing - our cloud-based service is simple to use and designed with the needs of financial service providers & their clients in mind.

Let us show you how it works!

Who is the LockDocs platform designed for?

LockDocs was conceived and designed by founders hailing from the private markets space. The platform is designed with their own experiences in mind - our mission is to facilitate a frictionless experience for providers and clients alike. LockDocs is focused on servicing providers operating in the alternative assets realm, including fund managers, wealth managers and investment banks.

Sample Use Cases

How can LockDocs contribute value to your organization? Our digital solution for client data collection and management saves time and money for service providers - while vastly improving the customer experience. The possibilities for streamlining your business experience are endless, but here are some selected examples of projects that can be completed simply and securely within the LockDocs platform.

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