Collaboration Tools

Keep connected - LockDocs makes it easy to collaborate with your team and stay in touch with your clients without leaving the platform.


Built-in Messaging

Stay connected with your team and offer your clients a convenient channel of communication, all without leaving our secure platform. Our built-in messaging tools offer all the functionality of traditional email without the inherent risks of using email to transmit or discuss sensitive data. Your messaging center offers support for attachments, text formatting, multiple receivers, web links, and more – plus some handy platform-specific additions like the ability to link your message to a specific LockDoc to ensure a streamlined process for both you and your clients.


Post-it notes stuck to the pages of your documents are a thing of the past. Our digital notes system allows your team to communicate important information regarding a specific LockDoc to be attached directly to the document’s record – notes are time and date stamped, traceable, and completely private. Only members of your team can view the notes on a LockDoc – they remain hidden to your clients.