Workflow Management

Everything you need to complete your project workflows from start to finish - all without leaving the secure LockDocs platform.


Data Export

Each financial institution has systems in place to manage their client data and documents. We provide a host of built-in tools, but we understand that the ability to export data is just as important as facilitating a seamless in-app experience. The data entered into your outbound LockDocs can be exported as a CSV file for your off-platform needs, and your completed documents can also be downloaded in a PDF format to be integrated into your existing workflows.

Due Dates & Automated Reminders

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually tracking project due dates, emailing reminders, and the stress of ensuring documents are completed correctly before your project closing date. Set a due date when sending your LockDoc and we’ll take care of the rest. You can enable automated reminders to provide your clients with a nudge as their deadline approaches and keep an eye on the completion percentage of your LockDoc to ensure your project stays on track. Prefer to manage due dates using your own methodologies? These settings are entirely optional and can be disabled easily in your LockDoc’s settings.

Project Dashboards

Digitizing and streamlining your forms and attachments is only half the battle. We know that your projects have a lot of moving pieces - staying informed is integral to success. LockDocs was designed to be an all-in-one solution for your project needs; your project dashboards display all the information you need to know about your outbound LockDocs to work efficiently and effectively. Track the statuses and completion percentages of your projects alongside their projected investment amounts, due dates and the clients who received them. Need to take a closer look? Each individual LockDoc has a host of additional information and settings available for your project management needs.