Smart Forms

Work smarter, not harder. LockDocs is designed to save you time and money while increasing the accuracy of your data. 


Personalized Form Configuration

We know that your subscription agreements, onboarding packages, and documentation requests are complicated. Our white glove service intakes your documents and handles the creation of your digital input-ready forms from start to finish, no matter how complex they might be. Documentation requirements? We’ll take care of those, too – just use our attachment request form to describe the type of documentation your package requires. Your completed forms and attachment requirements will be promptly processed– we’ll send you a notification when they’re complete and ready to be added to a LockDoc template.

Digital Signature Capabilities

The ability to use third-party software to validate digital signatures is not unique to the LockDocs platform – you and your clients are likely already familiar with the concept. A simple and secure means of signing finished documents is crucial to the LockDocs process, which is why we’ve decided to partner with DocuSign as our digital signature provider. A seamless, two-way integration between LockDocs and DocuSign means your entire workflow can be completed digitally and securely.

Input Requirements & Validations

No matter how familiar your clients may be with financial paperwork, mistakes can happen. Your documents are highly complex and full of conditional requirements – fields may need to be filled by certain types of investors or organizations and left blank by others, multiple parties may collaborate on a single document, certain fields may require the input of a specific person for the form to be valid. LockDocs is built to ensure that all of these nuances and complexities are highlighted for your clients from the very beginning. Even with these measures in place, errors can still happen – luckily, we build input validation capabilities into all of your documents to ensure that these errors are flagged for your review.